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Tony Kittrell: Owner/Advent Comics

"I originally met Kyle Ammon in 2010 when he applied to a position of inker/colorist with Advent Comics. Kyle was hired for the position and preceded to do an outstanding job, handling every task with exceptional professionalism and promptness. His work ethic and attention to detail was refreshingly impressive to say the least. Kyle would be an asset to any employer!"

Catherine Ndungu-Case: Cheza Nami Foundation

"I am very thankful for Kyle and his amazing talents. I have been wanting to create cartoon characters and educational materials to help our organization Cheza Nami reach our youngest audience for a very long time. Through Kyle's amazing support, this dream is now a reality. I knew what the characters needed to be and how they needed to look like, but needed and artist to help bring them to life. I am amazed at how well Kyle was able to listen to the concept, and visually translate this dream into a reality. He has a keen eye for details and a work ethic that is exactly what you need in an artist. Thank you for all your efforts Kyle"

R.L. Talley: Creator of 'Strong Suit'

"Kyle's artwork and design suggestions for my Strong Suit card game in 2016 were of the highest quality and instrumental in the game's marketing success. A consummate professional, outstanding artist and charming person, Kyle is a reliable asset for any project."

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