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About Us

Hello to all! I am Kyle Ammon. I currently reside in Livermore, California: In the East Bay Area near San Francisco. I'm a 2009 graduate of the Academy of Art University of San Francisco with a BFA in Illustration. During my years at the University, I studied a wide variety of artistic media: Charcoal drawing, digital imaging, gouache and oil painting, even clay sculpting. I specialize in comic book illustration, and my ultimate goal is to one day publish my own comic book series, which I am now in the process of developing.

My style is inspired by Japanese style Anime and Manga, and I plan to create an American based variation of the style in my creations. Along with numerous anime/manga series that inspire me, my work is also influenced by the style and appeal of classic/retro video games: Sonic The Hedgehog has been my inspiration since childhood, and still remains a practice style for me today.

In my professional career, I had a contract job from the up and coming comic book publisher 'Advent Comics', who recently produced and distributed their first graphic novels. Currently, I am eagerly on the hunt for similar art-related jobs and work opportunities in my industry to further pursue my dream. In addition, I'm searching for freelance artist work opportunities as well as making connections and collaborating with fellow artists in the comic media world. As I pursue my goals and dreams, I now share with you my various arts and interests.

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