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Fan Art Gallery

I've been doing fan arts for many years.   Here are some of my personal favorites, as well as some of my most recent works.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic CD Special Stage
Gigapolis Zone

Harmonic Sonic

Freedom Fighters

Sonic & Sally

Tikal The Echidna

Emerl The Gizoid

Bride Of Endless Reach

Lien-Da & Metal Knuckles

Metal Sonic/Shard (Published in Archie Comics' 'Sonic Super Special Magazine' #7)

Enerjak Legacy

The Deadly Six

Rouge Bat And Chaos Devil (Published in Archie Comics' 'Sonic The Hedgehog' #251)

Sonic Team VS Robot Masters

Mecha Sally & Mecha Sonic

Metal Pirates

Sonic/One Piece Crossover Concept

Halloween 2013: Home By The Sea

The Black Arms

Freedom Fighters Of The Galaxy

Electro Echidna (Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Sonic Boom: Parody Comic

Sonic / Big Hero 6 Parody

Freedom Fighters VS E-Series

Sonic CD: Collision Chaos Zone

Death Egg Robots

Old Mobotropolis (Post Genesis)

Breezie as Roulette (DC)

Rosy The Rascal (Moebius)

Blaze as Ember (Danny Phantom)

Sonic's 25th Anniversary (1991-2016)

Jian The Tiger

Witch Rouge

Casual Blaze

Lumina Flowlight

Freedom Fighters VS Combot

Roboticized Freedom Fighters

Sonic 'Spin City'

Sonic On Ice

Tangle The Lemur

Knuckles as Black Panther

Whisper The Wolf

Dr. Starline

Batman/DC Comics

Batman 2

Batman Rogue: Blight

Batman Rogue: Inque

Batman Rogue: Shriek

Batman Rogue: Spellbinder

Joker (Injustice For All)

Poison Ivy



Killer Frost


Halloween Poison Ivy

Marvel Comics


Mega Man

Super Bass/Forte

Ra Thor & Ra Moon

Various Anime

Digimon Frontier: Journey Album Parody

Mareep (Pokemon) & Windy (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Tomoyo, Song & Voice (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Klefki & Comfey

Gravity Falls


Northwest Mansion Mystery

Steven Universe

Ruby + Sapphire = Garnet

Crystal Gems Meet Precioustones

Steven x Connie

Crystal Gems Meet Bill Cipher (SU/GF Crossover)

New Gem Peridot

Mighty Morphin'
Power Rangers





Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

Mind On Air
Disk Magician
Water Omotics & Water Dragon

Sonic The Hedgehog

Dangerous Dice

Nicole VS Phage

Chaos Emerald Tournament

Overclocked Nicole

Metal Amy (Costume)

Abyss The Squid
Eastern Freedom Fighters (Shijin)
Run To You
Princess & Pirates
Sonic VS Ixis Naugus
Knuckles VS Enerjak
Honey The Cat as Linda Maltinie (Snowboard Kids)
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